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Power amp suggestions

I'm running an Axe-Fx Ultra into a behringer iNuke 1000 power amp. To me, it's not loud enough. The band is requesting I use 2 4x12 cabs for live. one for each side of the stage. I am the only guitar player. I'm looking for something better and louder to power both cabs. Looking for an affordable, louder option. Any ideas? Its either this or I was thinking of getting 2 powered pa speakers to do the same thing. Any and all ideas welcome!!!


If your running an 8 ohm cab 500 watts should be plenty of power to push that 412 to earbleed levels! The problem with a 412 is sound dispersion, it might sound great out front but to the other side of the stage not so much.

Placing another 412 on the other side of the stage will help but IMOP not as effective as running a really good FR cab not to mention they weigh a ton and are a PITA to haul around but do look really cool!

Running another 412 means getting another power amp to power both cabs as to 8 ohm cabs running 150 watts is not going to be nearly enough power to head room from the inuk and you will inuk the voice coils in both cabs.

I see two options here, either keep the one 412 inuk combo and buy a good powered FR solution or sell the 412 inuk and buy two good FR solutions! stage setup would be something to mess with as well! side washing with the one FR solution on a short pole should help a lot.

Does your band use monitors, or are you relying strictly on back line to get your sound out front?
I use IEMs. Depends on venue. I need something that's gonna be loud enough on stage if we aren't mic'd up. I was gonna get 2 powered pa speakers and ditch my 4x12 cabs....
Plus my guitar cabs are 16 ohms. That's why I'm not getting the power. I would rather have the 2 powered speakers if they would be loud enough for people to hear me.
Is the band asking you to run 2 cabs as they can't hear you or is it FOH sound you're having issues with?

If it's the former open backed cabs may be an idea as they disperse the sound a lot more that a 4X12.

If it's FOH then an option could be going through the PA and using a cab as a personal/band monitor // stage fill.

Good luck man - despite my love for going through the PA or a small cab at the tiny venues my band plays at I'm somewhat envious you get the chance to wheel out 2 4x12 cabs!
I don't always have the option to run through FOH. The reason for 2 4x12 is to spread the sound out and its not loud enough. Even with 1 4x12 cab, I'm not being heard by the audience. I can hear me because I have my live guitar going into my IEMS.
Imagine a lot of the problems stem from the power amp then

A quick scan at the specs show 500w at 2 ohms so that translates down to around 60w at 16 ohms (not clear if that's peak or RMS)

Do you have access to another power amp - or try it in bridged mono and see if that pushes enough air


Also, what is better? 15 in speakers or 12 in speakers?
If your drop tuning I might go with a 15" as you do get a little more in the low end! Another thing you might want to consider if your going to stay with guitar cabs is a pair of 212's! better coverage little to no comb filtering and easier to haul around.
A lot of these "affordable" power amps that boast big power output levels really don't cut it. They'll deliver that power, into the specified load, for a short time and then reduce power to avoid overheating. Or it's a load you can't provide. It's salesmanship, not real world power ratings you're reading.

If you want a loud rig that isn't hard to tote around, and you are going to use guitar speaker cabs, get two Mesa Thiele enclosures loaded with EVM-12Ls and pick out a power amp made by QSC and be careful not to overdo the drive to the cabinets. While modern EVs handle 300 watts RMS, most QSC stereo amps can overpower even an EV by a large margin. QSC makes amps I trust and their power ratings are real world and honest.

This rig can be stunningly loud. And sounds GREAT. Each cabinet will be louder than a "typically configured" 4x12 fed by a cranked 100 watt amp.


As others have stated there could be multiple issues here as to why you cannot be heard on stage...

A 4x12 does often suffer from the dreaded 'beam' effect, closed back more so than open back, but open back can introduce unwanted reflections and phase cancellations.

Inuke 1000 RMS output at 16 ohm is severely lacking. If it is 60W as suggested above by @Indigo Hammer then it's no real surprise that you cannot be heard.

A lack of mids in your tone which means you just get buried in the audio spectrum by everything else that is going on around you.

If it was me, the first thing I would do is make sure I had enough mids in my tone - in isolation they can be uninspiring but in the context of a band mix it's a different story. It doesn't cost anything to try but if you already have done that then...
Secondly I'd dump the Behringer and get a better quality amp and if that doesn't sort the issue then...
Thirdly I'd look at a new cab of some description whether this is a traditional 4x12, something smaller, or a FRFR solution.
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