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Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

Joe Bfstplk

Yup I had the same DIY experience. Glad this helped (and do want to see yours too 🙋)


Sorry about the sideways pics. Not sure why the phone camera does that sometimes.

I upcycled the box from a set of Schaller strap locks.... :)


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Thanks for the concern Rex. I live by measure twice and cut once, but on this one I measured a dozen times. You may notice that's it's actually an EV-2 (maybe I said EV-1 someplace accidentally), AND I also have taken the end caps off the FC-6. There is no reason for them for in my opinion, just extra real estate.:cool:

Are there actual sides if you take the end caps off?


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So my FC12 just sits on the floor but I thought I’d mention that I bought an awesome bag to carry it in. Dunlop tennis bag. Now I have my rolling rack with my Axe fx III, my guitar in my other hand, and my FC12 on my back 👍🏻
plenty of room for all my cables as well!


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Finally finalized! I thought I could get away using velcro with the side caps of the FC6, but the 1st jam I took my rig to proved that theory wrong. Off with the side caps and thank you to a family friend who build little wood blocks to use as risers for the external footswitches. I'm thinking one set of buttons will be +1dB and - 1dB for easy volume adjustments while the 2nd set can be similar to the OMG9 type setup where I have easy access to presets, scenes and effects with using the hold function for 2/3. Curious to hear what other people do with external buttons!
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