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Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here


Fractal Fanatic
It's here!


Joe Bfstplk

Yep, they are massive! But I like them. But now that I have both, I see why you can't go wrong with the EV-1 or EV-2. I do like that I can rest all of my foot on the EV-1 though.
I like my EV2s. I also like my Mission one. Horses for courses.... :)

Today's project: Install the screen protectors....

Todd McMullen

How did mount these to the board, considering those mounting plates are a ways from the bottom of the pedals?
Apologies for the delay in responding. I use really thick 3M double sided tape on the temple mounting plates and the FC12 and EV1 and really thick industrial strength Velcro on the double sided tape. Think of the Velcro in the middle of a double sided tape sandwich (tape goes on the plate and Fractal product and the Velcro in the middle). It works great for me and I've never had it slip off the Temple Audio Duo 34 board.

ZenRigs Man

Fractal Fanatic
Front and back shots of the latest version of my board, which is super simple. Spring loaded Mission EP for Wah and Fractal EV-2 for everything else. Using an old Boss footswitch (covered in vinyl wrap) to switch a Digitech FreQout on and off, which is in my rack, and 2 old Mission rotary controllers to set flange and phaser mix.

glowing board.jpg

front board.jpg
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