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Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

Steve South

In the context of the Kiss logo it is not as offensive as it spells their name. When it is used by itself it definitely denotes Nazi symbolism regardless of your intentions. My initials are also SS but I would never dream of using that hate symbol for anything associated with me.
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Far from it! Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from KISS are both Jewish so you better send this to them. Its my initials, lightning bolts are lightning bolts and an S is an S, a lightning bolt S is just that. View attachment 63876
KISS didn't use the "SS" portion without including the "KI" portion. They're savvy enough to know better. Enough people are mistaking it for something else. If you have to explain it, it's not clear and if it's not clear then it's offensive. My suggestion is you take these negative reactions as a chance to rethink your use of this world-recognized symbol of hate and consider something else in its place.


03C5B780-9C26-4B9E-A24F-B58B8A888B0C.jpegCNB PDC-410F MSBK Black Locking Aluminum Pedal Case, Large and
CNB PDC-410G SSL Pedal Case

Poplar 3/4” boards cut to fit case

3/8” deep holes cut into wood board to allow rubber feet to stay on.

Downside is wood boards added maybe 7-10lbs. The aluminum cases are so flimsy that the handle is only good for opening the cases. I’d need to screw handle to the sides of the board to be usable.

Lesson learned: should have taken the feet off and superlocked to a Temple board.


Board I built w/Mission EP-1 & an FC-6. Still waiting on the 3 to get here...ugh, UPS.
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Metro 20 and 24 have been working fine for me fwiw. It's tight, but I like how compact the rig becomes.
Here are a few pictures. Admittedly the DVP3s are pushing things a bit but I've got them on the board right now since I'm mostly using the rig at home and not traveling around that much. The DVP4s fit easily, as would I imagine the Fractal EV2s.
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