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Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here


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I velcro two mom switches ( white blocks ) to the top of expr pedals so I can control different parameters of an effect when moving the pedal Without having to jump back on the FC and back on the expr pedal. I have a wish to redirect the midi control of one of the pedals through the Axfx3 into my GR55, I think it might require a new block “midi out” where you could intercept the incoming midi and map it to new device I’d.View attachment 60984
The guitar looks cool, which brand please?...

Chad Beattie

Gotcha. How do you have 6 wired up?
Four are stand in switches (1+2 / 3+4 on the FC) via two TRS cables
Two are plugged into the expression pedal jacks on the FC (expression 3 / 4).

I did recently add a switch to my EV1 for WAH and now have that going to the FC leaving one switch unused/not connected. Also thinking about changing the one of the expression switches to knobs. Once you put all of this on a board and use it for a while, you start to see what is needed, what isn't. I always use the stand in switches for tuner / tap tempo / looper layout / main layout... The other switches I would use on occation to do things like sync tremolo up to tempo using the LFO run/stop. But honestly Fractal keeps adding more and more features to everything and the result is really not needing half of this anymore. But it is nice to have the extra options available!


The FC manual is a great read. You'll learn a lot of possibilities ;)
Actually, I read this section, but complete missed this part:

Instead of a pedal, you can alternately connect a single switch at any Pedal jack. Follow the instructions above and simply set Type to “MOMENTARY” or “LATCHING” based on what you’re connecting and how you want it to work. (If you’re not sure, check with the switch manufacturer or try both settings to see which works better.) Calibration is not required. You can use a normal guitar cable (TS) for switches.


What's with you guys that have pedals on both sides of your FC? Do you sometimes have one foot on the pedal, sometimes the other? I only have one so far, but I'm always right-footed, if I had more they'd all be on the right I think.
Both of my pedals are on the right. I tried splitting them on each side of the FC-6, Nope.


This was my II pedalboard. I split my pedals because volume was on the left & really only a few times would I need to swell in & it didn't need to be perfect. Otherwise, most of the magic was occurring with the right pedal with right foot.



Here's my rig in progress. I had this Pedaltrain Classic collecting cobwebs, so I cleaned it up and have been playing with different scenarios. I think that I've settled on this configuration for now. I've got a 3' XLR that can stay permanently connected to the FC-6. Still not sure if I'll keep or swap out the Lexicon pedal. I could move the pedals up farther, giving me the lower rail to mount 2-4 smaller switches. That appeals to me, as it would keep everything mounted on the board... but for now this will do just fine.

Looks like I need to clean my lens better, sorry!

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Joe Bfstplk

Power User
I haven’t set anything to use the Mission yet, but the Source Audio feels like a Crybaby. I’ve had it for 4 years so I’m used to it. The Mission is brand new but I’m looking forward to using it.
I have the Mission, and it also feels like a CryBaby. They get the pedal housing from Dunlop, apparently. My two Fractal EV2 pedals, OTOH, feel more like regular volume or expression pedals - very smooth and even sweep for non-wah stuff....


So, you ever put the cart before the horse? Yea, me either.

I JUST have to have stand in switches once I saw their functionality! I was tinkering to try figure what might be a good stand in switch enclosure. I ordered 3 different enclosures to test out. Mistake #1 (more later).

Then I just did some "rough" calculations of widths of EP-1 x 2 + FC-6 +some of those enclosures. I decided I could make it work in a 28" wide ATA pedalboard case. I ordered that case 28" x 14" x 6". Mistake #2 (kinda).

I read this thread 3 times & figured I liked the look/construction/modularity of the Temple Audio boards. They have a Duo24 (24" x 12"). That'd fit in the ATA case. I decided that I'd get that board if it'd work. Well, put simply, no configuration of 2 expression pedals + FC-6 + enclosure works on the Duo24. I could just do the expressions + FC-6 on the board & then let the enclosure live off the board, but meh. Thankfully I didn't order that board (I was going to order it when GC sent a coupon). On top of that, Enclosure2 (see the link) doesn't fit at all and looks to be too wide . . . and happens to be the most expensive one ($39). Enclosure1/3 could work, but not on the Duo24 and only if I built my own board (again).

The results of all my tinkering on Temple Audio's pedalboard planner. The end result is I will be building my own board to fit exactly my ATA case.
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