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Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!


Nice Blue Les Paul. I almost bought one of those in 2018, but then opted for the Cherry. Still on the fence that I made the right decision.

What's the smaller Marshall you are plugged into on top of the JCM 2000?
+1 That blue Les Paul is a beauty!!


Why are some of the LED's not lit on the TriAxis?
And do you use the available switching in the TriAxis/2:90?

LEDs - Just the angle of the photo.

The switching in the 2:90 is the only reason to own a Triaxis IMO. By itself the T/A is a reasonably decent sounding preamp that's way too complicated for it's own good. It's not that it's particularly difficult to use, it's just that for every one great sounding setting on it there are 100 variations of nasal/thin/flub. The 2:90 modes make it worth the hassle, because it makes all of those decent sounding settings sound fantastic.

What's nice is that the 2:90 is just external switching for the modes, so it wouldn't take much to set it up for the Axe-3 to be able to change modes w/Scenes. I actually have a controller that will do it (Voodoo Labs) that I use with a Mark V to change channels, but as a bedroom hero it's just easier for me (and less cables) to just poke the button the old fashioned way.


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OK. Here’s my AXE-FX III rig. Made the “rack” to match the furniture (easy). The amp is a Matrix GT-1000FX and I’m running a Shure wireless simply because I hate cables. The cabs run stereo; a pair of 1x12” Mission Gemini. Obviously an FC12 and expression pedal below. The sub you see by the FC is actually part of the M-Audio studio monitor “PA” setup I run (for the synth, monitoring, etc) and has nothing to do with the AXE rig. Oh... and then there’s “Uncle Lester” on the wall lording over everything. Rock on, boys and girls!

PS a little “convenience hack” that has worked well for me.... I hate having to turn multiple devices on/off so the AXE rig (AXE, amp, wireless) are all plugged into a single power strip that has a wireless remote (cheap at Amazon) between it and the wall outlet. I use the little black wireless remote you see sitting on top of the AXE to turn the whole thing on/off wirelessly. I wouldn’t risk this live but very convenient for home.


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Power User
Nice....Love the 2101 :) I got one somewhere...Still have a 2120 in the desk,,,just cause...


The 2101 was the first modeling device I ever used. And really, the first 'professional' piece of gear I ever played through. My uncle sold his Boogie Mk III to fund it when it was new and I'm quite sure I got more use out of it than he did. Had a blast with that thing. First stereo guitar experience, too.


Hey there, just changed my setup from a mono 1 x 12' frfr monitor/speaker to a stereo 2 x headrush 108 frfr.
I hoped it would be good, but wow, it is better than good! Cygnus with a stereo setup hopefully will satisfy me for a while ;)

If anyone from I.K.E.A. is reading this, my solution is patented!


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