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Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!


Fractal Fanatic
This is way too heavy to transport by myself. Mainly due to the 40 lb Furman UPS. Also, way unnecessary and overkill.

But I put this together a couple of evenings ago, for this photo op and post. I will not be playing out soon, so it can stay like this for awhile.

Rodney's Rack 6-5-18 001.jpg


@DannyEvil - is you desk an Argosy Halo Plus ??

Happy with it ? - or would you get something else if you had to buy again ??
I am totally happy with it. I am a programmer and work from home so I am at this desk more than I want to be. It is super solid, has great cable management options. The iso acoustic stands are actually nicer than the standard ones.

I would definitely buy the same thing again and I am the guy that is always selling and swapping gear.


My recording setup... the Two Notes Studio allows me to mix in a real amp (going in input 2 on the AF3), and the Eventide H7600 is in one of the AF3s FX loops (in/out 3). Not pictured here, but input 4 of the AF3 is fed by a synth guitar rig. About as versatile as I could make it.
I suppose I could have a line coming from output 4 to whatever live amp I’m using so I can go in the front of the amp with a compressor / OD / distortion / phaser / whatever...

I really appreciate all of the ins and outs on the AF3. Kudos to FAS for realizing people still have gear they want to connect to the AF3 even though it can easily be its own self contained system.

Hello all, speaking of rigs, in anticipation of getting an Axe 3 and loosing a rack space, does anybody know of a high quality, 1/2 rack or otherwise compact, stereo line mixer? I need 2 stereo channels to mix the outputs of the Axe and my second reverb, a TC4000. I currently have an Ashly LX308B, but it is heavy and 6 more channels than I need...
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