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Post Axe-Fx III Launch ... Amp Model Requests


Fractal Fanatic
Hmmm I have a few old Bell & Howell tube amps from ancient 16mm film projectors downstairs that sound interesting thru a 4x12. I should send one off to FAS to model. That would be a quirky addition for sure lol. Not sure how you could model the opto-electronic pickup tube (to read film's audio track) though heh. It's kinda neat to modulate that tube with a flashlight when playing; you get weird tremelo/fluttery effects from it...great for 'performance art' :eek:
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Agree with more bass and Fractal amps.

Another one I'd really like is the Custom Hiwatt 200, DR 201 SAP with the switch & balance control. One of the nicest overdrive sounds I've heard via youtube. I think it's similar to some special Jimmy Page model. Demo below:

Th Hiwatt CP 103 that Townsend used would also be interesting (might be harder due to the weird pre-amp layout).

Edit: A Watkins Dominator & one of the Selmer amps would be cool too. :)
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I have been begging for a carefully modelled Cameron Aldrich Mod Marshall down to the various switches, options, capacitors, etc., etc. I know there are Camerons available but haven't seen one that nails that Cameron tone the way Cliff and Co. are capable of.


Bogner Goldfinger

Marshall Plexi bass- is there one already?

Suhr SL68

/13 BTR 23
If you mean the Marshall model 1986, then ditto. I’ve looked but haven’t found one yet. I was also trying to noodle some parameters, since the 1987 and 1986 only have a few different values in their circuits.


Power User
Plus 1 on AustinBuddy’s PRS Grissom request
Carr Skylark
Goodsell Super 17
Ampeg Gemini II
Redplate Blackverb
Jim Kelley FACS (old or Suhr version)
Supro Comet


Bogner 100b
Its different than the 20th
and Bogner 101b in particular the blue
The 20th anniversary Blue isnt the same as the 101b Blue.
If someone knows of tweaks to make to the 20th sound like the 101b Blue or 100b I'm all ears.


Please add:

  • Ampeg Portaflex
  • Aguilar DB 751
  • Acoustic 360
  • Burman Pro 4000 (more info here: Help: Trying to bild a Burman Pro 4000 Amp in the Axe FX 2)
  • Eden World Tour 800
  • Gallien Krueger 800RB
  • Gibson Thor (tube version)
  • Hartke Model 1400
  • Marshall Major
  • Marshall Town & Country
  • Polytone Model 101 or Mini Brute
  • Rickenbacker Transonic
  • Sunn Model T
  • Sunn 2000s
  • SWR Super Redhead
  • SWR Bass 750
  • Thunderfunk TFB800-B2
  • Trace Elliot V8
  • Traynor YBA-3A
  • Vox Royal Guardsman
  • WEM PA-1000
These would make bass players really happy as well as certain guitar players and bury the competition.

Most if not all have a good schematic floating around the interwebs too.
I know Cliff mentioned a B-15 and Model T are in the works, guessing they'll show up on the II too, but certainly coming on the III...yeah, more bass amps and probably a few more drive pedals along with either the ability to inject an external preamp into any power amp (bypass the internal preamp section), or a few power amp only models for that purpose (if the code is still needing to be kept hidden). Of course Cliff could likely add some power amp only models to the II still in an update!
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