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Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests


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wouldn’t duplicate the Boogie’s preamp, but would trump the tone.
Which is why we don't see a Studio Preamp model, or an ADA MP-1 model. There is so much blatant plagiarism between amp manufacturers over the decades... and then multiple variations on the same core circuit design from that point forward.

"Dude X want's a model of Preamp X", but Dude X doesn't understand that Preamp X is a 3rd generation half-breed of the approximation of the studio recorded tone of an amp built 10 years prior...an amp which there is an available MODEL of (the recorded original), two pages over in the Amp block.

That aside, the approximation results are themselves their own separate historical masterpieces. "You don't need a Triaxis, you have a Blackface Fender and a Mark IV and Mark IIC+." :confused: They are no where near the same circuit, as has been specified before. Which is why, someday in the future, we can still hope to see an ADA MP-1 or a Studio Preamp model. :cool:


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