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Post Axe-Fx III Launch ... Amp Model Requests


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wouldn’t duplicate the Boogie’s preamp, but would trump the tone.
Which is why we don't see a Studio Preamp model, or an ADA MP-1 model. There is so much blatant plagiarism between amp manufacturers over the decades... and then multiple variations on the same core circuit design from that point forward.

"Dude X want's a model of Preamp X", but Dude X doesn't understand that Preamp X is a 3rd generation half-breed of the approximation of the studio recorded tone of an amp built 10 years prior...an amp which there is an available MODEL of (the recorded original), two pages over in the Amp block.

That aside, the approximation results are themselves their own separate historical masterpieces. "You don't need a Triaxis, you have a Blackface Fender and a Mark IV and Mark IIC+." :confused: They are no where near the same circuit, as has been specified before. Which is why, someday in the future, we can still hope to see an ADA MP-1 or a Studio Preamp model. :cool:


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I use a Soldano Decatone for both a classic rock band and a metal band. I would like to see that amp in the list. Would be willing to bring mine to someone that does this if one is not available for profiling.
I'm sure this has been asked for before, but the Fryette Pitbull would be at the top of my list.
I'll also throw in a nod for the Matamp GT120.
And since we're here, let's throw in something obscure: Hovercraft Dwarvenaut


Please add:
  • Ampeg Portaflex
  • Aguilar DB 751
  • Acoustic 360
  • Burman Pro 4000 (more info here: Help: Trying to bild a Burman Pro 4000 Amp in the Axe FX 2)
  • Eden World Tour 800
  • Gallien Krueger 800RB
  • Gibson Thor (tube version)
  • Hartke Model 1400
  • Marshall Major
  • Marshall Town & Country
  • Polytone Model 101 or Mini Brute
  • Rickenbacker Transonic
  • Sunn Model T
  • Sunn 2000s
  • SWR Super Redhead
  • SWR Bass 750
  • Thunderfunk TFB800-B2
  • Trace Elliot V8
  • Traynor YBA-3A
  • Vox Royal Guardsman
  • WEM PA-1000
These would make bass players really happy as well as certain guitar players and bury the competition.

Most if not all have a good schematic floating around the interwebs too.
spoken like a true 4-string-mf (cliff-em-all)

mind you, I'm 51% 6 stringer and 49% bass player, but my guitar amp needs are so met with current lineup and anything else guitar-amp wise would be icing.

some more direct models of fx like a binson echorec or spaceecho wouldn't be lost on me.

ultimately I would like to 2nd, 3rd, 4th everything on dr bonkers list but standouts for me:
  • Aguilar DB 751
  • Acoustic 360
  • Sunn Model T
  • Sunn 2000s
  • SWR Super Redhead
  • SWR Bass 750


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Hi team… i would like an Koch Amps The Greg Koch Signature Guitar Combo Amplifier in the axe 3. I think we need classic rock amp for gibson les paul use :) good bass a versatile preset.


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I vote any amp
It would be cool to just see a firmware update w a couple of amps ,I love the new modelling improvements but I sometimes miss the simple couple of new amps update
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