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Possible to make Axe word clock slave to recording interface when recording via USB?


New Member
After a bunch of reading I still can't suss this out:

If I'm recording via USB, is there a way to set the Axe to slave off my Metric Halo ULN-8's clock?

Ideally I'd like to go: Axe analog ins --> USB --> Mac --> DAW, with ULN-8 being master clock.

I'd also be happy going: Axe analog ins --> USB --> Mac --> ULN8 --> DAW (with ULN-8 being master clock).

Do I need to incorporate an AES cable?

If it's not possible to do either of the above, what are my best setup options where I can use the the ULN-8 clock as master? I'd like to be able to run 2 wet and 2 dry channels to my DAW...

Thanks !


Fractal Audio Systems
Set Word Clock to SPDIF/AES In. Connect a cable from the ULN-8 to AES In or SPDIF In. Set SPDIF/AES Select to appropriate input used.


New Member
Thank you, got it.

Now, with the AES cable connected and those settings correct, do I still need to treat AFX & Metric Halo as an aggregate device in my audio setup, and in Logic do I choose the aggregate or just ULN-8 as output/input device?

Thanks again !
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