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Possible Matrix Purchase


I've been a long term Axe user and i've also kept a tube amp rig as well. I seem to go back and forth between which I prefer. My axe set is super simple, Axe FX III into 2 Presonnus Sceptre S8 monitors. I've always felt there was something missing with the FRFR option, I guess it's that you lose the amp in the room feel. I'm toying with the idea of getting a Matrix GT100FX or the lower model, so I can at least give it a try to see which I like more.

I wanted to check with people on here to see if they think it's worth a shot. One thing that's unique about my situation is that I don't play very loud. I only play in my basement and I have a family that hates the electric guitar, lol. I usually play at 70-75 db. I play mostly rock and a little metal. I'm usually playing a Les Paul, the cab I would be using is a oversized 1x12.


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If you're going to be playing at such low levels then the GT800FX would be plenty big enough.

If you found one used then maybe you could have a little extra left over to throw towards getting another cab too ...... just to have some fun with stereo FX

Or perhaps another (mono only) option could be the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170


I also keep some tube amps, and I never really got along with FRFR. Partly it was the sheer amount of impulse responses, I felt like I’d fallen down the rabbit hole and I spent 90% of my time looking for ‘the right one’ rather than playing, and partially it was a feel thing.

I use an old Matrix M400 I got on eBay really cheap (not uncommon here in the U.K. as they’re made here) and it’s excelent, the newer GT models I presume are even better. My plan is to eventually get a GT800 or GT1000 if the M400 ever dies.

As said above, the SD Powerstage 170 seems to be slightly more well-liked than the matrix in the comparisons I’ve read (it was on my radar before I bought the used Matrix). You probably can’t really go wrong with either, just depends on the form factor you want. Either will be more than suitable for your volume levels.
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