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Portable Rack for Gigs


New Member
Hi guys,

I'm new into the fractal world and I'm looking for options to play my new AXE FX II live.
I searched on the forums but everyone has different need and I am a little bit lost with all this information so I decided to create this topic.

For the moment I have an AXE FX II, a VOES MX12 as a midi pedalboard and a wireless Line 6 Relay 50, pedal format.
I am planning to buy a 4U or a 6U rack with wheels to carry it on the train and the parisian metro for the gigs.

I will plug my Axe FX II directly in the FOH but I also need a power amp to have sound behind me on a cab and for guys the front row.

So I need a not too heavy good sounding power amp, not a killing machine like the matrix or the freyette but just good enought to have it as a back up and for the front row just in front on the stage, they won't hear anything from the monitors of the FOH. I also need it to be very versatile. I don't know on which type of cabs I will play, sometimes in 8oms, sometimes in 16oms ... totaly random depending on the material available on the venue. So i would like a power amp who is plug and play like and supports al type of cabs.
I need it to be 1U, what do you think about the rocktron velocity 100 ? Not powerful enough for stage ?
Do you have any ideas of which one could be good for me in my case ?

I discovered the BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i, is it so important or can I achieve a great stage tone without it, just tweaking the axe ?
I am also planning to buy a furman power mx10, do you think it will be good enough ?
Do you see any other needs for stage playing for my rack and do you think this configuration would work ?
Also, what type of cables will I need for the Axe to FOH, axe to cabinet, power, etc ?

So my configuration would be :
Axe FX II - VOES MX-12 - Power amp - BE Maximizer ? - Line 6 Relay - Furman Power Supply - Random Cab + FOH

I know it sounds like a pretty standard configuration but I am realy lost with all this new stuff and need a little help. My goal is to have a little rack portable on the metro, not too heavy so I can lift it on the stairs of the metro haha, but also sounding good and who will give me my album sound for my gigs.

Thanks a lot guys and have a nice day.



Yep, I would say it seems a pretty standard config. Anyway, I'm sure other forumites will step in with lots of good ideas. But I just only wanted to say one thing: Imagining myself carrying all that stuff in the metro, up and down... well, it gives me the shivers, to say the least. And you usually also need to carry a guitar indeed.

I'm sure your mileage may vary, but I for myself won't be willing to carry anything like that by hand across the city.

In your situation... I would go to hell and back to thin things up. I would go FM3+L6 if possible. I know that's a quite different setup, so maybe intermediate options could be found. Maybe a 2U rack bag for AxeFX and L6. A 3U rack to add power if absolutelly necessary, and ditch everything else. I would absolutelly prefer taking the risk of a power surge than of hurting my wrist.

I'm sorry if this seems overly pessimistic. I guess I'm getting old! :sweatsmile: :sweatsmile: :sweatsmile:


New Member
Thanks man !
I can't aford an axe FX II AND an FM 3, if I buy the FM 3 I will have to sell my Axe FX II :/ And I need it for the studio too. Is the FM3 same thing as the Axe FX 3 ?... Is it a sort of AX8 for Axe FX 3 ?

The 2U bag will be pretty heavy to carry it as a bag :/ Maybe a U2 rack with wheels ? Just the AXE FX II and the power amp should be fine or I need a furman ? I just put myself into racks and it's so complicated haha ...
What can cause a power surge in stage? :/

Thanks a lot and sorry about all the questions but I'm a newbie haha
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