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Portable Line Array / Column Systems


Has anyone used the smaller / cheaper portable column speakers in a band situation (the LD 5 Maui or the Inspire ip500 / ip1000, in particular)? I got an original Bose L1 when they first came out. I used it for quite awhile for vocals in rehearsal, but I couldn't get the rest of the band to use one, so I eventually sold it.

Now I'm considering that type of thing again, but instead of making everyone get one, just get a couple to put beside / behind us (so no need for monitors). Probably using a small mixer that has FX to get all the vocals plus guitars. I figured with 2, the smaller systems would work for the standard small club gig, but I'd like to know if anyone around here is using them that way or even just running your AxeFx through it.

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