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Plini - "The End of Everything" EP (prog w/ Marco Minnemann on drums)


hey all!

haven't posted much in a while, but my new EP is finally out for those interested! all Axe FX 2 tones (and lots of em!)

features Marco Minnemann on drums, Simon Grove (The Helix Nebula) on bass (who also used an Axefx for his tones along with a couple of pedals), Luke Martin on keys, and a couple of guest solos from Jakub Zytecki and Chris Letchford (Scale the Summit... also Axefx tone haha)

hope some of you dig it!




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Only got this to say :


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Needless to say it's excellent, I do like Marco Minnemann's playing too although I think here the snare is tuned far too low, a Bill Bruford snare would sound better to me.


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Appealing Creativity + Great Musicianship & Production = Outstanding sound !!!! :encouragement: Very well done sir!!! Rock On.. :mrgreen


I was excited as soon as I saw you had new material, and it didn't disappoint at all. Please, please, please...never stop making music. Music is a vessel that takes people somewhere, and your music takes me somewhere new.
You never cease to amaze me man! Your composition skills are superb. I'm a huge fan of creating themes and motifs and developing them. What you've accomplished with this album trilogy is nothing short of extraordinary. Love the guest's you have featured here, always looking forward to hearing more from you dude!


Purchased and downloaded, thanks for making great music, just noticed Jakub Zytecki is on it too, excellent musician.
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