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Plini - Handmade Cities


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Plini is one of my favorites these days. As mentioned he's on an episode of No Guitar Is Safe. I highly recommend it (and the podcast in general).

He is using the Axe FX on Handmade Cities, but he used a different tool (I forget which) on the earlier EPs. Cities does sound the best for sure but the others are still quite good imo.

I saw him live a while back. Plini, Intervals, and Animals as Leaders. He played his solo set with Aaron Marshall from Intervals supporting him, then on the Intervals set, Plini supported Aaron. Great show. Plini mostly plays his Strandberg signature model 6 string live. I didn't see him playing any extended range guitars. He may have while recording though; idk.

Additionally, he was selling his tab book which has tabs from all songs before Cities. I didn't look through too thoroughly yet (it's well beyond me), but Paper Moon is Drop Db tuning IIRC.


Gotta love Plini! Would be awesome to have couple of his presets. I would happily pay from them as well. Handmade Cities has one of the best progressive Rock/Metal tones i've heard!
Pliny! What a player. Seen him twice in the UK. Met him post one gig in Manchester. Humble and just a nice guy aswell. Love his tones


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Plini's tones are out of this world! Cant wait for someone to pick up the challenge and make a preset pack


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Plini uses stock preset 34 a lot (FAS Lead 1), with minor tweaks. Definitely start there for lead stuff!

He also uses the JCM800 model in the Axe a lot, but I'm not sure if it's the modded model or not.


Plini is an outstanding player and composer. Also check out Jakub Zytecki from Poland, He's an amazing young player and has been Plini's backup guitar player couple times.

I know Plini flavors a not so High Gain type of tone. I hope someone can show us how his setup inside an axe grid looks like.

Thanks Simeon for shinning the light for such an amazing musician.

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