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Plini - Handmade Cities


fantastic rhythm guitar tones on this album. i'm guessing an 8 string was used for much of it (lots of F# bassnotes i can hear). whadyareckon...sounds a little like the friedman to my ears, but i could be way off. anybody hear this and think they know what it is? i'd love to be able to dial in something similar, but i'm a total noob at these kind of sounds...

Hey simeon!

I love those tones and am in the same boat as you. I know he uses strandberg pretty consistently. check this video out for some of his older cleans, and some nice crunch

You can buy his patches, but they are from firmware 7. I'm assuming friedman as well. It really has that sound, possibly with a mesa cab. I read at some point he was using the misha cab pack (specifically a Mesa cab), but that could have been loose rumor.


Just want to thank you for just now introducing me to this guy. In the midst of a YouTube rabbit hole listening to his stuff. Really, Really like it.


I bought the Koki patches which are quite useable after tuning. He uses the CAE3+ for lead and Shiver for cleans.


i hear a big difference (and much of an improvement, imo) between the tones on the cities album and those that came before.
i hear a big difference (and much of an improvement, imo) between the tones on the cities album and those that came before.

I'll have to agree with you here big time. Not that it was ever bad, but man the jump up in Cities is remarkable. He has such an interesting styling.


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Plini is a fairly recent discovery to me (because of the tours with intervals) but he's some of my daily listens now. As mentioned he plays a strandberg 6 (his sig model I believe) and his bassist plays a 6 under it. Shouts out @Admin M@ for getting in touch!


I found out about Plini a few years back via this forum. I really enjoy his style... Kind of similar in some regards to Animals as Leaders to my ears, but without beating you over the head with it :)

I'll have to check this one out.


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I just saw these guys for first time few months back as they opened for Animals as Leaders. Great show. I need to listen to more of their material...great players.


He was on a recent episode of the "No Guitar Is Safe" podcast with Jude Gold and was talking about how his favourite Axe preset is factory #43 iirc, which I think is the stock JCM800.

Really interesting interview and Handmade Cities is a great album.


I was lucky enough to get to play on an album with him several years ago before he really started taking off in the guitar world. There was a prog project called the Anabasis that hired a bunch of musicians from around the globe. It was fun. Ryo Okumoto of Spock's Beard fame was involved too. Plini deserves all the success he is enjoying.
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