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Plexi Jumpered 50w + Ownhammer Studio Mix G12L+H + Les Paul R8


I really liked the groove of this month's backing track on MyLesPaul.com. When v11 came out with the new Plexi Jumpered 50w amp, I was smitten. It's amazing: I've always been a Mesa guy, and the Axe has made me a Marshall lover! With the Plexi, coupled with the new Ownhammer Marshall IRs, I got a great bluesy tone that matched the MLP groove perfectly. This is sloppy and quick-and-dirty, as I was completely winging it, but I was definitely having fun!

The patch is the stock v11 "Jumped Plexi" preset, with a custom OH stereo IR mix: I went with Kevin's "G12 recipe" for the IRs, and it gave just the bite I needed.

Here's a link to the MLP thread:
August Backing Track of the Month - MyLesPaul.com


Fractal Fanatic
Sounds great dude! Those jumpered Plexis are awesome! I can hear the fun you were having.....

Are both cabs center panned?


Power User
The Jumpered Plexi are the frickin' bomb and I've never played a real one. I'm smitten. Nice sound. The Plexi's just make me want to wank (on guitar;-). They're just so sassy. Just finished playing a bunch with a patch combining a Jumpered Plexi 100 with a 65 Bassman...killer combination of whomp and definition.


Nice jam man those OH really sound like you were jamming through a cabinet. I wish I had a Les paul I have as copy its called a Memphis but it really has great tone to it. Its a it better than any of the other copies I have played and someone gave it to me. I gave it away to one of my students but they gave it back it was a bit big for her. But man I'm glad I got it back didnt realize how great it sounded. Any ways nice jam.
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