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PLEXI - Andre Antunes


Official G66 Support
Sounds great! Also great song! Like it! Well done! What Plexi Amp-Sim from the Plexi is it exactly and what IR did you match with, if i may ask?


Power User
Oh André ... It's the same here in Italy ( or at list whereI live) [emoji17]
Really sad... It would be awesome to simply share ... Music is our Polar Star


Fractal Fanatic
Obviously _I_ have the biggest penis...
Now ... That Bass sound.. PLEASE tell me that's an Axe FX II and you'll share the preset! Yes?


Oh - and I possibly dont have the biggest penis. It's quite cold today.


Great stuff, Plexi sim sounds great! Still waiting for this kind of music to come around again, sick and tired of today's music it is completely soulless.
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