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Plexi 50W hi 1 + Hi 2 for some Gary Moore and Malmsteen.

Black Bitch

Fractal Fanatic
With the new firmware in the Axe FX II you can pick any amp modell and it sounds amazing good. Here I did with the Marshall 50W preset a very great tone for Gary Moore's "The Loner" and towards the end i did with a different settings by Igor Paspalj some Yngwie Malmsteen sounds. I can't of course play like Yngwie nor like Igor and with a Les Paul never anyway, but witrh a Strat Igor really nailed that Yngwie tone.

I can upload tomorrow the preset for the 50W Hi 1 if anybody is interested. The Hi 2 is a preset from Igor Paspalj who posted it here as well as Malmsteen Vintage including his preset. I only used a different ir from Cab Pack 20: ML Brit PR55 Sm57-M160 01 as I did not have the commercial ir that Igor was using.

Thread for the 50W Hi 2: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/yngwie-malmsteen-early-era-sound-quantum-4-0.118189/

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