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Plexi 100watt 1970....is something wrong with it now?


It used to be my favorite since around 'Quantum' versions started rolling out. Now my go-to Plexi preset sucks like carpet over the speaker old Boss COSM kind of suckage...
I've struggled with it, reset amp blocks etc. and now I even tried building a new one, basically copied a different preset with similar effects layout but installed the amp and cab block that used to be my go-to Plexi and it still sucks.

Could it be something got borked in the recent upgrades?


Can you record a sample of the same amp, same settings, same IR, using both firmwares?

It will help the community understand the issue


I don't think so, I physically switched it to another and then reselected the original type but I'll look into the editor options to make sure I'm not missing a new procedure.
It weird because other presets with other amp types have been getting incrementally better with the latest firmware updates but that preset was doing the opposite.
I switched to the 100 Watt High amp for now so its no big deal but I thought maybe my preset was corrupted but starting over didn't change anything so that wasn't the case.


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Newer isn't always better. :) I remember when the Friedman HBE was "updated" and there was a bit of an uproar over it, so much so that the original version was added back in in addition to the new version.


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Strange. All of my Plexi presets sound markedly better, as if carpet had been removed. I recorded all of my Q6 presets onto a track in Reaper before I upgraded, then recorded them on an adjacent track with Q7 (amps reset) so I could directly compare. All of the Q7 versions sound better.

I'd first check to make sure you didn't have the Amp block graphic eq adjusted to a non-flat curve on your original presets. The curve will be set flat when you re-select the amp model in Q7. I had to re-create all the eq curves for the new presets to sound as I wanted. I wish the amp eq was left out of the list of parameters that are reset when selecting an amp model.


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i hadn't cared much for the 70 plexi at first. seemed a bit too dark and wooly for my taste but thanks for posting this. I've loaded it into my main Plexi preset and fell in love with it. All I changed from the default was treble and bass went up to about 7 and I'm using a Celestion IR. The V30 mix (hi-gain, all mics + room in mono). wow. Try it, I think you'll love it


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I've never cared for that model nor the actual amp. IMO it doesn't have enough feedback (100K off the 4-ohm tap). Some amps of that era had 47K off the 4-ohm tap. Some had 47K off the 8-ohm tap. Some had 100K off the 8-ohm tap and some even had 47K off the 16-ohm tap! IOW all over the map.

Bottom line: try adjusting Negative Feedback. I always raise it up a bit with that model. Around 4 or so.
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