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Pitch Shifter problem


New Member
hello, I have detected that my FX8 intelligent pitch shifter used in thirds , aeolian mode, fails in the following tones; D, F, G, Bb. In the rest of the tones it works correctly.
I have done the test with a single effect block to rule out CPU overload.
I would like someone to try their Fx8 if they have the same problem.
The problem is that it sounds a metallic sound and with background noise that makes it unusable.
Thank you


New Member
Sorry for my low level of English. Hi, excuse my insistence, I have the fx8 for a week and I could still return it if I had a problem.
Please ask that someone who has the fx8 do the simple test of creating a block of Intelligent Tone Changer set in thirds, with the eolian mode and controlled if it works well in all tones or if there are some that are not doing well. So we would rule out if it is an error of my unit or a problem in the firmware. This benefits the community too. Regards


Do you have it set for the same (correct) key that you are playing?
Where exactly do you have it in your signal chain?


New Member
Finally G66 sends me a replacement unit, so when I arrive I will know for sure if the problem is with my unit or any other factor. Five stars for the G66 after-sales service and customer service. When I arrive I will report the outcome. Regards
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