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Pink Floyd presets


New Member
Hi Fractal fans:)

For a precise cover of comfortab. Numb, money and in the flash from pink floyd, im looking for great presets can someone send me soms presets ?? Many Thanks ( using a bogner shiva with a fx8 mkii and a fender strat single coils )


New Member
Hi Giesen,

The Fremen Pink Floyd presets are very good!

I bought them a month or so ago and can confirm they are amazing!

Hope this help!


New Member
Thanks for helping
I am using them on an AxeFx III though. I just noticed this was posted in FX8 (alas, sorting by new) and I don't see Fremen ones for AX8. Nevertheless I wish you good luck and hope you'll be able to find those beautiful tones!

Edit: the AX8 Fremen's Picks include many Pink Floyd Presets. Check out the website, on that listing someone posted a comment of all presets. You will find Money, Comfortably Numb, and others on there.
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