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Pink Floyd presets pack - Fremen


Last one for today :

Absolutely Awesome
Man you guys have got that sound very cool. I would love to see your show live..
I feel like I’m sitting here watching the show.
I run your video through my mixing board and turned it up beautiful.
You all put on a heck of an awesome show...:)
Thanks for sharing the greatness.:guitar:


Fractal Fanatic
Another song from the show. Be sure to watch the end solo till the end (if you can pass the funny faces), I'm quite proud about how we end the song like the studio version ! Basically, I made a sample of a backing track version of the song (without solo) and the drummer triggers it at a specific point, while I select scene 4 of my preset, which has this "radio sound" and some panning. The audience couldn't believe how we did this :)



Fractal Fanatic

I play the lead on "Any color you like" in shred more, not Gilmourish obviously

So many emotions in this one ! And a short but sweet solo, using the harmonizer
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