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Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound


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Ok understood, I should try both.

Any specific Cap value recommended?
This is what I recently put in my Goldtop, Paper in Oil Tone Capacitors - 0.022uf 300v (Bumblebee);


Not sure if the paper in oil things is hype or whether there is a tonal difference, but I'm happy with the tone I'm getting.

Andy Eagle

0.022 uf 200vand up orange drop is a good start you can pay an awful lot for some Pio caps but it is incredibly marginal . I do think that the wax paper caps (lux phone book)in higher values are good with single coils. Its about how they kill the top end not the capacitance value, on a meter they are all the same and you only need I tiny voltage but in use the Pio and Wax paper are a bit nicer in the tapper. Pot important too. CTS log or audio is the industry standard.


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Just got a good offer for a used set of Gibson BurstBucker Pro.
Anyone has any experience with these?
How are they?
Had a set of those as well. My recollection is they were a tad brighter than the Burstbucker 2&3 combo I had but still had the Les Paul 'vibe'.
There's a lot of great pickups on the market but for some reason, might even be confirmation bias, there's something about Gibson brand humbuckers and the Les Paul tone.


I had Classic 57s in my Les Paul. In the bridge position they were fantastic. However the neck position was muddy. That’s the extent of my Gibson pickup experience.


Just got a good offer for a used set of Gibson BurstBucker Pro.
Anyone has any experience with these?
How are they?
They’re good pickups.

I also just heard these in an LP yesterday and ordered a set:

Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Amos Humbucker Pickup Set - Aged Nickel


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For high gain I still swear by the JB/Jazz combo.
For low gain and a more traditional LP sound I prefer the '59s
Another one I tried and like is the Kinman PAF Astounding.


I tested three types of pickups for my LP Standard - originals from the manufacturer 480? (I don't remember the model), 57, BurstBucker 1, 2. I settled on my sound BurstBucker 2 neck, 3 bridge . They say BurstBucker Pro alniko 5, a stronger magnet, a brighter sound, more dynamic on low strings, but crackling on high strings in the upper positions. All this is on my second Strat guitar. I think BurstBucker 2, 3 is ideal for LP. All claims for my english to google translate


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I'll put in my recommendation for the WCR Godwood set. Really nice mids, clear but not harsh, not muddy.


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Well this thread really narrowed it down. LOL
Actually it did LOL,

I played the guitar yesterday, deeply investigating the sound to hear it in the overall mix and I think I will let it stay for now with the original pickups,
Will give it another shot during upcoming rehearsal and see further.
Anyhow, this thread was very interesting so thanks to all the participants / contributors.
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