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Picking IRs


With all these IR options, I really struggle with which to pick. How do you guys do it? I like brighter sounding IR's, usually 4x12 that sound best with Marshall type amps. Also, when do you guys start messing with the cab? Do you pick an amp and cab at the beginning and then get the amp sounding better then start changing cabs?

I'm also struggling with a distortion type sound when playing in drop D and playing power chords. Sounds great when playing single notes but then sounds like way too much distortion or speaker bottoming out when I play power chords. What settings would you mess with to get rid of this?


I pick an amp, and then find a cab that gets me close to the tone I want. Then dial in the amp to get you closer.

If the bottom end is farting out, you may have too much bass or too much Master Volume. Play with MV, setting it just below where it starts to get farty. For a quick fix, turn on Cut in the Amp block,
I have been going through IRs quite a bit, and I found that the D60 M amp model with all controls at noon sounds pretty good. I had really good luck starting with that amp, and just going through all the cabs that I thought I would like. I put a red tag on all the cabs that sounded good right away for what I was going for, then I filtered, and showed only the cabs tagged red which left me with about 20 cabs mostly from the ML Misha pack, and mostly the Zilla cabs. From there I picked the best sounding cab, then played with the amp, then went through the tagged cabs again.

If you do it this way make sure to click on the pin when you have the cabs up in AX8 edit that way the screen stays up while you go through the cabs.

Also for the power cords not sounding great check your input, and output levels make sure there is no clipping, and don't forget about the resonance control that can cause way too much low end as well.


Fractal Fanatic
doesn't matter if it's a crap IR, if you adjust the phase to put the unicorn ears in the right spot in the wavelength, you can grab the fundamental even if the mic was in the wrong spot when they hit record. in just 3 easy steps! (this works best with one mono IR panned center, mic distance proximity OFF, everything cab related off, just one mono IR panned center.)

...turn off all effects, reverb, delays, just listen to amp and cab.
1. Room level 100%, Room size 0%, Mic Spacing 100%

2. While playing, walk Room Size up by .01 increments and listen (turn up your bass). Somewhere between 0 and .20 there will be a sweet spot, most likely around .07 or .17

3. While playing, walk Mic Spacing down until it sounds/feels real to you. I stop about 20-25%. Now Walk Room Level back down to about 50%.

if you fix the phase of your IR and then go to turn your reverbs and effects back on, it translates craaaaaazy good down the chain to have an in-phase sound.
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