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Picking Cabs


There are just so many cabs, how do you guys go about picking a cab when making a preset. Most or presets sound dark and obviously the cabs make a huge difference. There are just so many of them. What do you guys do?


I just check Yek's write-up which cabs are either directly belonging to the model (e.g. when the amp is a combo) or regarded as usual choices. That is my starting point. With time, you find some favorites you use over and over, for me e.g. stock cab 054 (G12M Pre Rola) which I use on everything that is Marshall or similar and also on many high gain amps.


i'm w/ you cabs make a HUGE difference! it may be worthwhile taking a preset and just pulling up the cabs page, pin open the selections and just go thru them writing down the numbers of the cabs that sound great and/or unique

then when i like a preset later on, but it needs tweaking, i just refer to the list and first try those cabs.
granted depending what amp is used, a fave cab may not work well but usually the faves hold up well and are a good starting point
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