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Pick Two Factory Cabs to Replace


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It looks like it won't be easy to get a concensus on this one.

For my part I like the idea of moving forward and eventually using all of the factory cab slots for a UR cabs that cover all of the same ground as the current stock cab lineup (wherever possible of course).

I'd like to echo others comments regarding making the current stock IR's available to be used in user IR slots. I remember reading that there were/are some copyright issues doing so as there are IR contributions from Redirector and Ownhammer. Hopefully there's a way around this at some point.

If I had to pick stock IR's to which I'd tike to retain access I'd have to say: the 1x6 oval, the 1x12 G12H30, the Bassman 4x10, the HiWatt 4x12's, the Dumble 4x12's, the 4x12 green mix and TV mix, and all of the bass cabs..

In the meantime there are some who have suggested dropping the Kathleen IR from factory slots as they are all readily and freely available online. This seems like the solution with the least impact on the many users still utilizing the factory cabs.

IMHO, YMMV, and all that. :)


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As long as the variety of speaker models (various Celestions,JBL's,Jenssens etc.) and types (1x10,4x10,1x12,2x12 etc.) doesn't suffer I'd say, do what you feel is right. I echo the sentiments in regards to having the former factory IR's available as User cab if so desired.

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with the new IR mixes. These two mixes are quickly becoming my go-to IRs for many amps. So I'm thinking we should replace two of the factory cabs with these new mixes. Suggestions?
I'm using some OH & Redwirez IRs and some UR that you replaced in factory cabs, So it's hard for me to pickup, because I just forgotten which one of them was really good or wasn't for my needs, I think the best thing for Mark I &II owners is adding two more factory cab :)

An additional wish: An additional wish: Cliff could you please superseded all of them with their UR versions !
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I only use the uber cab from the old factory cabs. I am tempted to cab lab and the last cab pack just because it is in there

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To me its fair game to replace any factory cab as long as the cab being replaced is available as a separate free download.

After all the cabs are just another part of the firmware, so they are subject to change and someone can always freeze on their current firmware for a while if they are in the middle of project or what not.


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Adding the Kalthallen IR's has always felt like an over-enthusiastic spur-of-the-moment decision to me... ;)
So +1 on those. I thought they were on their way out several firmwares ago.


Please give us the ability to see what cabs we are using in the AxeEdit cabs screens - highlight the ones used in patches in Green maybe? Then it's easy to see what stock cabs are being used, and it would help me sort out my user cabs, as I can't remember which ones that I've loaded ended up being used in my patches.


I think 99% of us (I know there will always be a few naysayers) would be happy with almost any decision Cliff makes about removing a current cabinet or two, as long as it was available to download and use in a user cab slot. I know some of you out there may be doing so, but it's still hard for me to imagine that anyone needs all 100 user cab slots at once. LOL
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