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Moving is horrible. What more can I say? But just like the Phoenix from the ashes, the new Electric Geezerland will rise. That said, right now it’s just a pain in the ash.


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I feel ya, man. I did what's hopefully my last move almost 4 years ago, and I've still got crap packed in boxes. (Most of which I'm wondering why I moved in the first place. If I haven't needed it for the past 4 year, I probably don't need it anymore.)


Every move I swear will be my last. Might be why I haven't moved in near-twenty years.. I want to on occasion... I should move maybe.. But moving is a real moo-cow! ...So don't wanna!!!


We moved earlier this year. I'm done. I want at least a decade in one place now. The problem is we have bad wanderlust... :D


Yes - moving is not fun...
I feel for ya..
We have been in our current house for 5 years - next planned move is to retire in Hawaii in about 14 years.. That's definitely not going to be fun...


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You're moving to Phoenix? In August? Are ye daft, man? You do that in January, so you don't notice it as it creeps up on you.
Not moving to Phoenix. Been there in August. Survived the monsoons and heat. My studio will rise like the Phoenix, but it will be in Texas.


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Thought you used to reside in Ft.Worth... which is why i asked. We were kinda neighbors :)
Twilight Zone, Ft. Worth... same place.
Yes we used to be neighbors. I lived in Burleson for the last 12 years. Now I’m hanging my spurs in College Station.


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Good luck with the move. I echo the sentiments of not being too enthused to move again. My wife and I considered it until we discovered how much room we had after our children moved out. We now have a guest bedroom and another room for our grandchildren, an exercise room and a music room / "man cave". A house that felt quite cramped with two kids (3 years apart) turned into the perfect fit for us. Now if we can just do something about the new neighbor's cats and our horseshoe pits.....
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