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Phil Keaggy


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The reason (along with keeping my dad's memory alive) I became serious about guitar.

1991, Beyond Nature. Truly inspirational. I finally started being able to play those compositions at age 42.

I just got to see him in Nashville, at the Sing! Conference. I've been in touch with his booking agency, to try and bring him to the area.

He's an absolute monster on the electric too, of course.
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Been a fan for many decades, and agree with all of the above. Will add that even as one of the best guitarists in the world, he was completely approachable and humble in the two opportunities I had to speak with him. You gotta see him live tho - the things he pulls off with a guitar and a looper are unreal.


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Phil is such a great player. His recordings are a must listen for any guitarist. I have all of his records in my collection. I always enjoy listening to them. His acoustic and electric playing is impeccable.
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Been following him since The Master and the Musician.

You can listen to every recorded note he's ever done and would have no appreciation of his true talent until you see him live... unreal what he does with a looper....


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I'd be so happy to nail that scale run in "In the Light of Common Day". He picks the notes, with minimal slurs. Incredible. I don't have that right hand.


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About 17 minutes in where he loops in the backing vocals by singing into his guitar....very cool.
Amazing talent!
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