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Phil Collen Def Leppard Lead patch


I know he uses a jmp-1 and a palmer speaker sim, but my brit pre is not exactly the same (nor can I nail his 80's delay/chorus sound perfectly). I play through an art SLA2 and EV speaker but output 1 is direct to board, if anyone cares...Whatcha got? I'm close with mark day's HBE but that has a lot of bass....thanks!


Try this post ...

This is NOT to try and copy the original's tone and playing, just to demo how I would play it live. The backing track is from Guitar Hero or Rock Band, has NO guitar on it, zero, nada.

I played one main stereo track direct plus I overdubbed the solo's rhythm and big bar drop. No reamping, this is just the AxeFx II's XLR outs into a Duet.

Preset changes were done by inserting midi program changes on a track in Logic Pro 9.

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