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PERIPHERY - Short Album Teaser uploaded to myspace!


Hey guys, we got a short little clip of Letter Experiment with Chris's vocals up on our myspace for you guys to check out!!
The vocals were produced and mixed by the one and only Casey Sabol.

Its the first clip on the page and you can here it here:



wow, that's really different from the periphery sound I have become used to. The vocals sound really really good, very full. I know it's only a teaser but I would prefer the instruments to be louder.

Guitars sound awesome, very tight. I want the whole thing now


Sounds very cool, I'll definitely buy it once it comes out.
The guitar sound intrigues me. That tightness in the low end is something I can't for the life of me dial in? Without going into details (unless you want to) what amp/cab did you use for this or in general?
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