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Perfect Strangers Cover

one of my all time favourite songs of all time. i really liked your vocal interpretation...not a slavish copy of the original melody with some great stuff added that was all your own. well done, sir!

[nostalgia trip] i remember when this album came out. we were all massive purple fans and were so excited to be getting something new from the MKII lineup. i went and bought it the week it came out. in Woolworths on the Chiswick High Road, of all places. they had really gone overboard in the music section with tons of albums set out on display. i just remember all those "DP" logos everywhere! went to see them at Wembley Arena later that year and was suitably blown away. 1984. we had a pretty good albums from Van Halen and Iron Maiden that year too, if i remember rightly! [/nostalgia trip]
ffs dan! I remember you from that guitar forum that closed.

you always were a fantastic player but never knew you had such powerful pipes!!
my only trivial gripe here is me being a massive Ritchie fan I found your tone a wee bit harsh.
sung this better than Gillian mate!

Because I'm not a post count whore, I'll address everyone in one post if that's ok? :)

Thanks Saurabh, BreadTooth, Shenks, barhrecords! I appreciate the comments and you all taking the time to listen!

pitmonkey: That's one of the kindest posts I've gotten in a while and I really appreciate it. My forum days in most places have cut down considerably mostly because:

a) I have too much to say and my brevity sucks
b) I do my best to discredit people that attempt to send others on wild-goose chases or who talk scientifically to sound smarter than they are
c) I appear confrontational and like a know-it-all to people (it's never the case unless I'm forced to verbally bash someone)
d) I get tired of being taken wrong when in reality, we're all in this world together and I just really try to help people avoid the BS.

That said, it takes a toll on a person after a while. I'm only human and in a world where we have to have thick skin, I don't feel we should have to on a forum nor should we have to deal with people that wouldn't say to your face, what they say on a forum. So I sort of hang back which really does suck.

But it's better than getting into confrontations where I get so upset, I want to use all my frequent flier miles to go pound some net bully. LOL! :) Any time you (said in general which applies to all of us) know a decent amount about something or you are slightly better than average, it opens you up to people that feel you want to steal their throne. The only throne I want is the one I sit on to relieve myself. I don't need to be a forum guru or rule any roosts. LOL!

The other thing is, there are fabulous players on here as well as skilled Axe users. It's a bit intimidating to try and fit right in while fearing the killer playing or the fact that someone may take a look at a patch and say "dude, that's a joke...hahahaha, learn how to use the thing, will ya?!" That's why I haven't shared any yet. LOL!

Kinda like the first time I sent one my my Cakewalk/Sonar projects to a guy that worked for the company years ago. I was so embarrassed....and he had a field day laughing at me due to how primitive I was. I wasn't offended because I knew this guy...but man, you get the idea. Not so funny with strangers. :) Anyway, thanks again for the kind words...I'll try to be a little more active. If you ever have questions, feel free to post and direct them to me and I'll do my best to help you/anyone else out.

swass: hey bro, been a while! Hope all is well...thanks for the kind words! Will work on my intrusion skills! :)

romanianreaper: Those were the fans I was scared of the most. LOL! Die hard purple fans can be vicious! Hahahaha! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks brianv4, mojave, Sine, and rickgk! I appreciate it!

djlynch: that IR isn't around any longer...working on new ones

simeon: thanks for that! I try my best to do that with any cover I attempt. I did a really fun version of Bryan Adams "Run to You" a few years back that came out really cool. Heavier than the original and done my way. I've always enjoyed stuff like that. Hole Hearted by Extreme with driven guitars and drums etc....fun stuff like that. It's also a good way to test out gear and sounds without being too anal like we are with our original compositions, ya know? :) Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

Hi jimbop! Thanks for the comments man. Yeah, tone has a little less mids in it. Was going for a bit more of a modern tone. It's bad enough my playing cries 80's lol....I gotta try and make the tone a little different. :) The vocal compliment you gave is HUGE to me! Thanks so much! I've been working on my vocals really hard the past few years. It's the hardest instrument to master so far. Hope all is well man!

Thank you all once again....you guys rock! :)
Hey Danny. Been a while since I last talked to you on the Guitars101 and Guitar Blast forums. Remember me. You made me a couple of recording video tutorials. That sounded great. Are you still using the Digitech preamp or have you moved on to the Axe Fx?

Black Bitch: Thanks so much!

Craig: Hey man! Good to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words! Yeah still have a few 2101's left...but using 2-Axe Fx units these days. I have an XL+ in the studio and a regular AxeFxII MKII in my live rig. Going to eventually switch them up as the XL+ is better for live situations. I really like the Axe. My biggest difficulty is when I have to change my tone due to an update where the updated stuff is stuff I need. If only Cliff could figure something out that allows us to keep whatever killer tone we have and still update the cool goodies....at this point, I hate tweaking my tone so bad, I'd be willing to pay for updates just so I never have to tweak my tone again. LOL! Other than that though, I'm loving it. Still use the 2101 for a few things here and there because I have the thing so dialed in, but it's less and less these days. I tone modeled it so it being in the Axe now, I barely use the real thing. Hope all is well in your world man! Thanks again!

Gregman: Thanks brother!!! Really appreciate the kind words!
Hey Danny, great post!

GSP 2101's - yeah had 3 of them: 2 black and 1 GOLD! It was cool, and with "10" algorithms !!! WoW !!
It started me on the trek...was in touch with Deter in Germany & Glen w/ his Noizy Toyz site.
Funny tho, I bought the gold off a guy who was going to buy a "Fractal Axe Fx unit". Took me 2 yrs to come around to it.
Rock On!
Great stuff as always Danny!! Makes me miss the Gwar days, meet ups, hanging out and jamming. Vocals sound really good on this, playing and production is always top notch. Send me some presets. lol
ahhh guitar blast..that was it! and 101. I was 'slicer' on there :)

you was always mega helpful there dan....no big shit..cant see you being any different here. :D its yer nature laddie.
Listened to this a couple more time, (since I'm a Purple fan with this being one of my favourite Purple tunes... but not the cork sniffing type) and just really love your vocals, man. I always enjoy a killer cover. One multi-talented dude you are and a real pleasure listening to your stuff. Thanks again for intruding ! ... hardly, dude.

Things are good, man. Thanks for asking. I assume you're at the same email address? I'll shoot you an email and catch up a bit. ;)
WOW!!! Ok well funny thing. This song is on my bands list to learn in two weeks so we are going to cover your version of it instead of Deep Purple's.. Hope you don't mind. What a tasteful interpretation!!!!
WOW!!! Ok well funny thing. This song is on my bands list to learn in two weeks so we are going to cover your version of it instead of Deep Purple's.. Hope you don't mind. What a tasteful interpretation!!!!

Now there's some awesome flattery! Very cool. :cool:
Tone Collector: Thanks! Yeah I have quite a graveyard of the things...mostly black ones and gold ones. I too have talked to Deter a few times. I don't know why I like that stupid 2101. I guess because it just works well with my style and playing. It gives me my own personality so to speak. I got my Axe Fx sounding a bit like it....but better in my opinion. If only we can get the Axe to change patches and morph as well as the 2101. That's really the only thing the 2101 does better.

Jettster: Rodney!!! Hey man, great to hear from you! Yeah I miss those days too. Wish Chad would have another meetup. He's using the AxeFx too...but I think he has an Ultra. Thanks for the playing and production comments...much appreciated brother! Hahaha...I'll dig up some presets for you....they will probably sound terrible though! Hope all is well...say hello to your brother for me.

jimbop: Didn't we do "Over the Mountain" on that site? You sang on it and I put the production together...was it you? Thanks for the kind words. I always try to be helpful, but it gets me in hot water too. I take things way too seriously. What can I say..

swass: You're too kind. Thanks man..got the email and appreciate you contacting me. Don't ever be a stranger. Still need to reply back in full to you....hoping by tonight. Will be in touch though. Thanks!

keithguitarfan: Hahaha...that's awesome! I don't mind at all...just gimme a mention! Hahaha! I'm actually doing that version with my band as well. I originally wanted to do the Dream Theater version....but listening to it now...it's so fast, it doesn't groove at all. I like that whole "snake in the grass" feel, ya know? The slower tempo helps those vocals to really shine while the tune grinds deep into your bile ducts. LOL! Would love to hear you guys do the song if you ever decide to share.

Thanks again guys....never expected all the cool responses!
Damn that was good. One of my favorite songs to cover as well. I'd have to say this is in close competition for best cover of the song that I've ever heard, with the other contender being the Jorn version.
Damn that was good. One of my favorite songs to cover as well. I'd have to say this is in close competition for best cover of the song that I've ever heard, with the other contender being the Jorn version.

Wow thanks!! I really appreciate the kind words and the listen! Hey I'll take second....it's a treat to even get a huge mention like that. Thanks again!
Danny, your vocals are really, really good but dude, that solo at the end was off the ****ing chain. LOVED IT!

You're too kind, Mike!! Thanks I needed that today! :)

The 80's kid in me kinda hoped it would be a metal cover of this:

Sorry to have disappointed you, Sir.

You stopped smoking but your playing and singing smoke!

Thanks ODboy! Much appreciated! Best thing I ever did was quit them things. Lost a friend at an early age to lung cancer and it occurred to me it can happen to anyone at any time. 4 years smoke free and loving it! You guys made my day...thanks again!
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