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Wish Pedal Steel Amps


New Member
Hi all. Brand new to both fractal, and this forum. I was wondering if there has ever been any consideration for modeling any of the various steel amps on the market? I am mostly playing steel these days and I would love to have some dedicated amps/IRs specifically for steel if that could ever be a thing. Have a preset for my Pedal steel, a preset for my triple neck stringmaster, and a various presets for my electric guitar, etc.

I have tried messing with the shiver clean, jazz chorus model, and various loud/clean fender models with limited success. I received some IRs of a peavey Nashville amp (can’t remember which model), and that has drastically helped things along as there are very many IRs left in the thousands available that I have yet to toy with. Much like a bass amp differs from a guitar amp, steel amps have a much different voicing than a guitar amp.

Now, I can get a passable tone for sure. That’s not a problem, but I would love to have have a more dedicated tone if that was a possibility.
Amps that come to mind are: quilter steelaire, older Peavey Nashville 400/1000, newer peavey Nashville 112, Dr. Z surgical steel, milkman pedal steel 85w, Little Walter 89
Thanks for all you guys do. Really enjoying this axe III.

Dave Merrill

Was the SSS intended as a pedal steel amp? I haven't run into that idea before. All the clips of them I've heard are regular electric guitars.


I’ve heard of it being used that way, but steel guitar is a bit out of my wheelhouse.
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