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Pedal models



Anyone know if there's a list of different pedal models?

I totally understood what you were asking Chunktone (cool user name too).

Hope you got a chance to check out Lenster’s link to the “Yek Guide”. Great stuff there that will answer your question as well as provide an education on the pedals that are modeled.

We’re mostly nice around here. Hope you come back.


While that guide is great, it is only for Drive blocks... Nothing else.

OP - most of the effects blocks are not "models" of a particular effect pedal, they are very flexible and configurable of a "generic" effect like Delay, Chorus, etc.

Many of those types do have some "specific" types such as Memory Man or TC 2290 delay, or Roland Dimension Chorus and well as more generic types like "Analog Stereo Chorus" or "Digital Mono Chorus" or "Tape Delay".

This information is in the manual - lots of useful info in there.
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