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Pc noise and fuzz issue


Little issues here.

1) My pickups, pick up (pun..hehe.. :p) a lot of pc noise, is there something I can do other than be far far away from the pc?

2) D13 CJ11, love it.. but when i go on lowe notes it's like it's fuzzing, bad fuzzing..

here's a clip:

What do you think?
What can I adjust?

Let me know, thanks for your time :)


Fractal Audio Systems
That's what a CJ11 sounds like. You increase the LOW CUT FREQ to reduce the fuzziness on bass notes but then it won't sound like the real thing.


Love the /13. It's one of the 'clean' amps that can sound good with humbuckers as well and works well with greenbacks. For that purpose I have Drive at around 2.50 and Master around 6. Increase Drive to get it into nice breakup (this works best with single coils).


Fractal Fanatic
As for your Issue #1 - Its more likely to be the monitor creating the hf buzz with your P/Us. A low emission flat screen might help if it isn't one already.

If it's a flat screen monitor already and noise is still there then, unless your guitar is a vintage strat - or vintage anything that you don't want to alter from original, you could buy some electroconductive paint and cover all the internal cavities (and underside of scratch plate) with it and make sure it's grounded to the bridge or trem claw same as the pots/and p/us are (or should be) at the moment. If done properly, this 'shields' the internal electrical components by forming a Faraday Cage. You can also use tinfoil or combination of both. Don't forget about the jack input rout if your guitar has one - it needs shielded too.

Have google with 'Shielding a guitar' and I'm sure there's plenty of hits.
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