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PC Audio Card Lag from Input to Output


New Member
I am getting a noticeable lag between the input & output on my Realtek ALC3871 sound card. My signal chain is guitar > Axe-FX III > Zoom R16 > Dell/Alienware Aurora R11, with Windows 10 Home > PC speakers.

When I play back on the Zoom there is a lag between headphones plugged directly in the Zoom (real time) and the PC speakers (delayed).

I have updated all Windows/Dell updates and Realtek drivers - no joy. Disabled Exclusive control and Exclusive applications priority - no change. Installed Windows drivers in place of Realtek drivers = slight improvement.

I understand the Realtek is not a high end card, but is this the best it can do? Not looking for studio quality - just real-time in and out!

Thanks in advance....


New Member
Are you sending analog output from the Zoom to your PC's line input or going in over USB?
Sorry for the delay... moving...ugh. Zoom analog output going directly into 1/8” line-in on back of pc. Then speaker-out to speakers. Other sound functions (YouTube, Spotify) work fine.
Thinking maybe I need to install a higher quality sound card.
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