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Paypal Gift Option


I can't believe that anybody is foolish enough to buy something using the Paypal gift option, forfeiting all buyer protection. I would like to see a forum rule that prohibits asking buyers to use the gift option when purchasing gear.


Well the way I look at , the "gift" option provides no protection for the buyer, while the "standard" way provides little to no protection for the seller. Buyers are free to get the items and claim they weren't sent , thus getting their cake and eat it too. Then the seller has to jump through one hoop after another , trying to get paypal to return the money they arbitrarily removed from their account. Been there done that. Paypal sucks plain and simple.
It is buyer/seller beware, I don't believe the forum should have to police that sort of policy.
Of course that's just MHO.


+1. buyers do your research, sellers, beware of who you sell to. I think precautions should be taken by each individual. My number 1 suggestion, get tracking numbers (keeps buyers happy and protects sellers).


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If you use Delivery Confirmation on all packages you send you can at least confirm that a package was delivered. If you are really worried about it take the item to somewhere like the UPS Store and pay to have them pack it and verify the contents of the package (i'd have them sign a statement that includes serial numbers and stuff as well). It costs more, but if you are that worried it's at least some measure of proof in case of a dispute of some kind. That way if the guy claims it wasn't delivered then it's on UPS and if you had insurance it turns the problem into their's. They have a lot better resources to conduct an investigation and see if the guy is just sack of crap and is lying about it all.

And I have no doubt that filing a fraudulant claim across state lines is a serious offense and they can probably burn the guy a lot easier than one of us could.

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Sucks for me buying stuff from the US on paypal because I still have to pay fees when using the gift option!
You guys realize that the gift option only avoids fees if all the money is in the account at the time (our comes out of your bank account I think). If you use a credit card the fee kicks back in and is at the same rate as a normal purchase.

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