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I tweaked my Paul Gilbert preset to Q2.02 (AxeFX II, FRFR)

I kind of copied some pedals and amps from his 2011 US tour rig he showed on the Premier Guitar Rig Rundown on Youtube.
  • scene 1 is the basic tone
  • scene 2 is the clean tone by engaging the Compressor and chorus
  • scenes 3 and 4 are dirty tones scene
  • 5 is the lead tone with the output on +3db

I found it very usefull playing my Les Paul in my classic rock coverband GetItOn.
With a Strat you might want to dial up the gain of the amps.

I'm looking forward to reading your findings, tips and tweaking tricks.



Never Been a fan of Paul Gilbert, But respect him as a player. I will say though, every video I have ever seen of him...you can really see the excitement and passion he has for guitar playing. Joe
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