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Paul Gilbert new album


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Couple of good tunes there, but mostly yawn, IMO. I still bought it to support Paul, but I got a fever for his earlier antics, and the only cure is more shred. And shred is not on this album, save for a few short passages.


Saw him last year perform this album with the current line up . Sat about 6 feet from him. Enjoyed it very much. Seeing him again in June.


People grow up and evolve. Interests change as do stylistic approaches to music. Gilbert is a monster player, whether using a slide or shredding.

Rich G.

His solo stuff has evolved a lot over the years. He sang on his early albums (Flying Dog, Alligator Farm, and Spaceship One). They were very melodic and had great harmony vocals. Lyrics are pretty funny sometimes (SVT). More recent albums are instrumental and jazzy. Either way, I've always liked his playing.

I met him once at NAMM. I felt like Ralphie meeting Santa in A Christmas Story. I waited in a long line at the TC Electronic booth to meet him, get a pic and an autograph. Our entire conversation went like this:

Me: Hi
PG: Hello
Me: I really like your guitar playing
PG: Why, thank you.
(Pause for pic)
Me: Especially your solo stuff. You should do more.
PG: Thank you. I will!

That was it. My 23 seconds with PG. I walked away with my signed poster feeling like such a ditz. lol.
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