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Patch+IR Pack for Brian May rigs (by Kyo Gt)

km 202257

Hello, I'm Kyo. been a user of II since last year, and recently joined in this forum.

I love Brian May's guitar tone very much, and I've been collecting/playing equipment that can recreate his tone for more than 10 years.
After I got an Axe-FX II, I started to "port" those rigs to Axe to get the sound from them in a much convenient way.

I'd like to share the resulting presets. Here is the download link:
BHM Axe-FX Patch Pack: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XBAhx9dx9K_6EFcpTnsoIkUJ61SoHbZu
(Available for II and III. Before use, please read User's Guide pdf first for details. Especially, installation might be a little tricky)

The patches include:
- simulation of my AC30 modded to the same spec to Brian's
- simulation of effects Brian has used in some of Queen's famous repertoires, and
- my original IRs captured from my AC30, with the best mic positions to record Brian's both sparkling clean and exciting overdriven sound.

Here are the demo tracks to see how the patches sound like.
One uses my preset's Amp block, and the other uses my modded AC30. Both went through with the Cab block loaded with my IR.
It might be interesting to guess which one is from Axe/real deal!

I guess some members are trying to get Brian's tone out of Axe, so I hope these patches help.
Feedback/questions are welcome!

km 202257

Sounds good. Second one sounds smoother and also a brighter clean to me. I say that is the Axe.
It seems I can't pull the wool over Axe users' eyes...! You're right, Demo I is reamped from actual AC30, and Demo II is from Axe.
I need to tweak Amp blocks more! - probably more "Saturation drive" and "Preamp Bias."

km 202257

Hello. I've updated the patch pack to v2.0. Please download from the following link:

After upload of the patch pack v1.0, I've received some feedback from other members here and members in Brian May community. I've also done critical listening by myself, and as a result decided to re-record IRs again and re-tweak the patches, especially Amp and Cab blocks.
(I have to admit v1.0 was very harsh/fizzy sounding, largely due to the IRs with improper mic placement in the capturing session)

In the download link, re-recorded IRs of my VOX AC30 6/TBX with a pair of UK Celestion Blue Alnico speakers are available. Please download and try if you're looking for Celestion Blue's IRs.

Before use, please read the user's guide PDFs included in the folder.

Here are the demo tracks for v2.0:
2.In a Mix (v1.0 demo with reamped guitar tracks)
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