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Paris band promo video made with Axe III - Austin Buddy presets


I only use a couple of Ax3 Austin Buddy patches in this video - FTR 37, Fryette Deliverance, Plexis, Hi Powered Tweed Twin, Fender Deluxe Reverb, DC30... probably spend most of my time using a Plexi or the Hi Powered Tweed Twin - used a PRS DGT for the entire video

This promo video might be mind-numbing for some, but basically you can hear how the Ax3 fits into an 11 piece mix with pop-classic rock-motown, I usually play a little dirty... none of my patches/sounds are clean-clean (as in jazz chord-melody clean)

Zero time was spent "producing" the guitar tones - the video really is all about the singers and drums/bass first, guitar tones are a total afterthought... for 3 + hrs we run through every song we can think of and then take what sounds best, we do a new video every 6 mos, so were are not very precious about clams ... super happy with the guitar sounds based on the fact that there was no effort

In the past I've used Kemper and Helix as well with great results... for me the Ax3 is hitting all the buttons, I can't recommend the Austin Buddy presets enough... comments and criticism are welcome, I have thick skin... you can't hurt me.

Paris promo link -


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Great band and you guys sound fantastic!

Q: Where do you shoot your vids that you do every 6 months (i.e. do you book a video studio or have some other place)? Just wondering...


I think I commented on TGP about this. Great vid. I bet you do quite well with this act! Sounds great and excellent song selection for the intended purpose!


@dpeterson - most of that is my job, I'm the bandleader, it keeps me busy

many thanks for the kind comments, I am still in Axe 3 heaven... feel so lucky to own one and I'm so grateful for Fractal's support and community
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