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Let's get HOTTER THAN HELL!!! Had lots of fun on this "test run" with the new cameras and the Axe FX III.

All guitars and bass recorded through Axe FX III. Rhythm guitars through the Hot Rod 800 model, and bass through the Ampeg SVT model, with some slight mods, eq and compression in the DAW. Hope ya dig!!!



Nicely done. One of my favorite KISS tracks... Interesting to hear it a little faster than the original.

If you want suggestions, I'd love to hear a nice cover of She.

I played on a track for a KISS tribute CD many moons ago. A band on that CD did a great version of She. Not Fractal related, but thought others might dig it too. She is right at the 36 minute mark. Sorry, couldn't find just that song by itself.
KAOL Music from the Folder 99 - YouTube


That was interesting... A bit of a Man in the Box Vibe. I liked it!

Maybe that's why I liked it so much, I live in Seattle(ish). Kiss Alive & Hotter than Hell were among my 1st albums. But when I heard the wah on this version of She, it just sounded so cool. The song itself had such great groove. Sorry OP, didn't mean to hijack your thread. Your cover of Parasite was awesome! Keep em coming!
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Brian Coonan

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Watching this made me feel good, nice work man. A lot of us make vids of great playing and such but most of the 'fun' is taken out of those cause we're at home and just playing stuff - this made me feel like I was at a funky one man concert! Thanks for sharing! 🤘
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