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Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" hurdy gurdy cover


Hello everyone,

I am very happy to share with you a hurdy gurdy & drums cover I made of the song "Cowboys From Hell" from Pantera.
While being confined I wanted a good challenge and this song was a perfect fit :). Hope you will enjoy it!

One amp is for the melody, the other for the drone. I use the Axe sequencer as a modifier to a pitch block to change the pitch of the drone in the middle of the song during the solo part. I record both dry signals and amp outputs, other effects such as delay and reverb were added during mix. The sound was mixed by my friend Yannick Tournier.

Eric Borud

New Member
Guilhem - you have such an amazing gift. That was absolutely exceptional! The next time you are on tour, I have to see/hear this in person.
Check out his website if you haven't already.


Nicely done. Fun to listen to and watch. Amazed when I see people do this sort of one man band approach... I have a hard enough time with a single instrument.
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