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Ozzy’s "Mr. Cowley" Live


Fractal Fanatic
did GMW make your guitar?
I have the GMW version but it's not the one in this video. The one I’m playing in this video I got off of ebay and had heavily modded.
I've only gigged my GMW once. I'm afraid of something happening to it. And it only has 21 frets so I'd have to bring another guitar for certain songs where I need the 22nd fret.
This is my GMW.


Fractal Fanatic
5 stars as usual... Damn!! And all your fault now, I am trying to learn Bark at the Moon with your great preset. Not over complicated chords, but if get a millisecond out of rhythm and it sounds shite... Tough one!

Thank you for the music


Fractal Fanatic
How is the guitar you got off of Ebay, did you put a Floyd rose, pickups and wiring?
Are the body, neck woods good?and frets good
Had the body routed for and installed a Floyd with a bigger brass block and had the wiring, pots and pickups changed out. Body, neck and frets are descent.
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