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OwnHammer New Release: 212 VC30 BLUE MMMC!


Available now on the OwnHammer website is the 212 VC30 BLUE Massively Multi-Mic Collection!

As with all OH MMMC's, this elite library brings unmatched and unrivaled quality AND quantity, with several new twists to this classic gear combination on top of the already groundbreaking feature set. For starters, the cabinet is configured in one of three ways - fully closed back, fully open back, and semi-open back. The pair of Blues on the job this time and making their debut are from 2001, and have an incredibly rich, sparkling, chimy, and lively tonality that brings forward all manner of expressive nuance and detail without being harsh, shrill, fatiguing, or brittle. The Core Mixes section has many new, useful, and incredible sounding additions, all new M- files have been added to the Quick Start area, and an improved folder structure has been implemented that makes navigating what is one of the largest OwnHammer libraries to date a breeze. Suffice it to say, if this cab and speaker are even of remote interest to you in your musings, this is a must have with no exceptions, and can be purchased at the link below:


As aforementioned, the folder structure has changed just a bit this time around (and other libraries will be slowly updated to this convention as time goes on). Six years ago, OwnHammer broke the international bubble on impulse responses in a big way, and ever since the world has fully embraced the technology in this application, with an ever expanding list of hardware and software coming to market that can utilize them. It is such that duplicating files for folders named after certain platforms is an ever more incomplete list and ever larger point of library bloat, so these have been removed here in light of a new folder layout, and a web page that points where to head for the most ideal files for a known list of major platforms. As time progresses, we will be adding to this list, and if you'd like to help us expand it, please shoot us a message with some info! This list can be found in the Tutorials area under the File Formats subcategory:


For those who have picked up libraries with this cab and general speaker type in the past, at some point over the weekend a short comparison clip will be added to the OwnHammer Soundcloud page that briefly compares this to the other speaker versions. That said, however, if you're a fan of this type of cab and speaker, this is undoubtedly the top choice in this gear range, and you will love what you find here.

That's all for now, enjoy!


I just put together that little comparison I promised, here it is:

To save everyone from needing to open it up in another browser, here's the description details on which examples are which:

Guitar is a Fender Telecaster, bridge pickup.

I used Fractal's Cab Lab plugin to load the IR's. I noticed that it has some sort of output normalization function inbuilt that regulates the "loudness" of files that most loaders don't have, and allows for volume differentiation to essentially be a non-factor when doing these types of comparisons, so the difference here is frequency response based rather than the loudest one taking the cake.

IR #1: OH 212 VC30 SO BLUE OH1F
AC30/6 (Fawn) + 2001 Blue

IR #2: OH 212 VC30 OB BLUE OH1F
AC30/6 (Fawn) + 2001 Blue

IR #3: OH 212 VC30 CB BLUE OH1F
AC30/6 (Fawn) + 2001 Blue

IR #4: OH 212 VC30 BLU OH1F-07
AC30/6 (Fawn) + 1963 Blue

IR #5: OH 212 VC30 BLU-93 OH1F-07
AC30/6 (Fawn) + 1993 Blue

IR #6: OH JY-VX30-212 L 57C2+121
1994 Top Boost AC30 (Red) + 1994 Blue
(Justin York Collection / defunct)

IR #7: OH 212 VX30 BLUE OH1F-07
1994 Top Boost AC30 (Red) + 1994 Blue
(Justin York Collaboration / defunct)

IR #8: OH 212 VXT BLUE OH1F-06
V212BN (Black) + 1963 Blue

Hope that helps! :)

- Kevin


Under semi-open: Clear, Even, Grit, and Smoke are really doing it for me. C67, D201, and most of the ribbons are great as well. R84 is a stunner for darker, cleaned up tones.
Glad you're enjoying the IR's and very interesting to hear about what files you're enjoying the most! :)


I take it this is a separate ir pack from the old 212 VC30 BLU-93? Just curious as I bought the 212 VC30 BLU-93.

Black Bitch

Fractal Fanatic
Hi Kevin, those ir's sound amazing. I've never been a friend of AC30's but so far at bedroom level what a difference. Tommorrow at the rehearsel room I will beable to play them loud. So far I fell in love with the "Warm" ir in the Player Pack and from the Quick Start Folder the "Hair M+". Both with "Closed Back". Either single ir or in a stereo cab works great togehter. Working also great with Matchless amps as well as with the Brit JM45. Look forward to the rehearsel room tommorrow night. :cool:


Edit: I looked back at this preset and I'd actually used the R84 from ZLCS. I'll post this under that thread and make a recording of VC30 BLU MMMC later this week.
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