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Own Hammer Heavy Hitter IR Question


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I just got the heavy hitter pack and had a question. Are the IR's labeled MAR V30 OH-1 or any of the other ones listed in the picks folder (without a specific microphone listed with it) intended to be used without adding an AxeFx mic or do they need to have a mic added in the AxeFx or should it be set to none or null, etc.?



They are all meant to be used with no mic. It's best to set it to "none". Using "null" is almost the same, but you can use the proximity level and your cpu has to work a bit more.

IMHO we could get rid of those mic eqs in the cab block, hardly anyone uses them I guess.



You just have to load the ir in a cab block,

(The ir have already a flavor of the microphone(s) that served to capture it!)

From what I have understood, the Axe microphones are intended to work with ir picked up by very neutral

microphones (microphones of measurement?)

PS: there is all the informations you need in the docs folder ;)

cheers :)
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but what IR's these days don't have mics baked in? still using those old Redwirez?
I have bought tons of IRs and still mostly use the inherent IRs, probably still using mics over mics Im sure, whatever gets me the sound!


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True, some mic over mics produce cool and different sounds. I guess do whatever sounds good is the answer to my question, lol!


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from the PDF included in the HH collection

“CHUNK” is based on a more “fat” sounding version of the PROG mix. “CUT” is based on an on-axis 57 and off-axis 57 mic combination. “CUT+121” is based on a 121 added to the Quick-Start CUT mix.
“JS” is based on a multi-mic configuration created by Jon Symons. “MDRN” is based on a 57 + 421 mic combination.

“OH1” is based on a 57 + 121 mic combination.
“OH1F” is based on a more “fat” sounding 57 + 121 mic combination. “OH2” is based on a 421 + 121 mic combination.
“OH2F” is based on a more “fat” sounding 421 + 121 mic combination. “PROG” is a proprietary mix that excels in modern progressive music styles. “SP2” is based on a multi-mic configuration created by Scott Peterson.

The mix files in the “Summary” folder are based on a 57 + 70 + 121 mic combination. This mix fits somewhere in the middle of the brightness and darkness scale of the OwnHammer pre-made mix types.


It makes a difference if you apply mics in parallel or in series. If you select a mic in the cab block, it's definitely gonna be in series. Ownhammer's (and other providers like cabir.eu and valhallir.at) mixes of mics are done with mics in parallel.
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