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Overall volume dropping during play.


Wondering if any one has experienced a drop in volume during a performance?

I've been playing at this particular venue regularly over the the past 2 years and at last Saturdays gig, I had a very strange experience midway through the 3rd set where the overall sound volume dropped significantly, by at least 50%. I initially thought it was the sound guy was "tweaking" my monitor but he was as confused as I. It was resolved by re-starting the AxeFX unit and appeared to be ok right till the end of the gig.

I believe I can rule out any programming error as I havent touched the unit since at least, the last 2 times I played there. The same goes for my foot controller. In fact I even plugged into the same power outlet at the venue.

I know it might be hard to give me a clear idea of what might be causing this to happen with the limited info I've provided, however I'm hoping there might be someone who's experienced something similar and could offer some feedback.


New Member
Also had this issue, first it was the Axefx itself, sent it back to G66, they fixed some cables and the encoder I think. Then later it happened again, volume was dropping and increasing as well, very irritating. This was probaly caused by the Matrix GT800FX, because when I switched to channel B the problem disappeared and the FOH didn't notice any difference. They couldn't find the problem though but checked everything and guarantee the Matrix is fine. No problems since.

If you go directly to the FOH, I would sent the unit back for service.


Thanks for the response Hugo.

Have not had the problem occur since so I might be wasting my time sending it back. Its these little things that keeps you on your toes!
I'm wondering if it could be an overheating issue? I cant recall there being anything overly different from any other time Ive played however there may have been some things restricting air flow to/around the unit. I keep it housed in a SKB 2RU rack bag.

Any ideas?


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I don't think it is a heating issue, I had the problem again during my last gig. Thanks tot fantastic customer service of G66 I got the problem resolved.

I have no idea what causes the problem.


I've had mine go up, not down... never at a gig (that I know of), just at home, usually noticeable when playing low volume.
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