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Outputs 3 and 4 as FX Loop for stomps, top end loss

D.B. Walker

From what I have read, I/O 3 and 4 are at unity when you turn the front knobs fully clockwise ... I have turned down all the unused mixer channels, but they still seem to take the sparkle off the top of the sounds.

Just connecting them with a short patch cable ... seems darker.

Anyone else experience this?


Make sure your io settings match your cable(s).
If using mono, make sure the input is left only, etc.

For me, before I set the io for mono, there was a slight drop in volume (3db) that might be enough to change the sound you hear.


That seemed to do the trick. I set it to L+R SUM on the I and the O.

That shouldn't be required if you're only using the left input, as it would just irreversibly add noise from the unused right input.

You might want to describe exactly how you're connected and what parameters you adjusted, and what "all the unused mixer channels" in the first post is referring to.

D.B. Walker

Mmmm ... I didn't notice any added noise, but I will check it out.

The output block has a mixer for 6 rows. I have output block 3 in row 1, so I turned all but row 1 down. I have output block 4 in row 5, so I turned all but row 5 down. It's a little unclear to me ... how a row would output without a connection... or if it would ... So as I was troubleshooting the loss of tone I turned them down.
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