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Output 2 Humbuster / Rack Panel


Fractal Fanatic
I'm getting a panel wired up for my rack and I have a question in regards to Output 2 of the Axe FX II. My plan is to use Output 2 to go to an Atomic FRFR powered wedge, which I haven't experimented with (have been using Out 1 L or aux returns, then R to FoH). How should I wire this?

1.) Front of rack panel TS, back to Axe FX as TRS with humbuster wiring. Could I then use a normal TS/mono cable from the rack panel to the atomic?

2.) Wire the rack panel front and back as TS/Mono then use regular TS/Mono cable to Atomic.

3.) Wire the rack as TRS both front and back, then use a humbuster TRS->TS cable.

I'm sure each of these will get sound to the wedge, but since I'm wiring this from scratch, I might as well do it the best way. What would you guys recommend?
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