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Implemented OUT2 block to USB channel 3-4


At the moment, USB input channel 3-4 can be set to take the analogue input 2 inputs. What I would like is record the full signal including delay etc using USB input channels 1-2 and the signal after the amp and cab block on channels 3-4.

To accomplish this, I fork the signal from the cab block and send it to the OUT2 block. Ideally, an option to route OUT2 to USB channels 3-4 would be nice here (IIRC this can be done on the AxeFX III). Instead, I now have to connect the analogue output 2 to the analogue input 2. This works, but aside from the quality loss and a bit of added latency, I also have a large loss of volume, no matter how I set the input gain or pad. I boost the signal with +20dB and it's still not enough to get the same amount of volume as channels 1-2 when recording into Reaper, even if no other effects are active after the cab block.

Why do I want this? To be able to add delay/reverb as needed after recording in a DAW, without having to do re-amping.
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